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Women’s Ministry Collection

As part of CUMC’s first quarter focus on Interfaith Bible Center, our Women’s Ministry will be collecting items some of us have
probably taken for granted for our whole lives… feminine hygiene supplies. It seems like such a necessity, we may not give it a
second thought, but it is a precious commodity for our sisters served by Interfaith. There will be a collection bin at CUMC.

You can drop items here whenever Susan is in the office or bring them next Sunday. If you don’t shop, monetary donations
are always welcome. We have super shoppers who will use that money wisely. Call Ann Sharpe with questions (977-0700).
Thank you in advance for your help.


Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry Update

The leadership team of Women’s Ministry met on February 9th via Zoom. In a climate of so much uncertainty, it was difficult to make our usual plans for the upcoming year. We have decided to provide support for the church’s team agenda both financially and with special projects. Our current focus is on the Interfaith Bible Center. We would encourage our members to help out in providing meals at the Center. If you would like to cook and need us to supply the food, funds are available to help. Also, we will be collecting feminine hygiene supplies to donate to the center. For those who knit or crochet, stocking caps would be a great donation. For those who sew, there are many patterns available to sew fleece stocking caps. Once again, we have funds available to purchase supplies. Upcoming focuses for the church are are “8 weeks of Summer”, “Back to School”, and “Native American Ministries” Put your prayer and thinking caps on to find some creative ways for us to provide support. You can email your ideas to Susan at [email protected] or myself at [email protected].
Blessings to you all and prayers that we can all meet face to face soon!

PS Keep those pledge donations coming in!

Ann Sharpe, president of Women’s Ministry