Welcome to Christ United Methodist Church


“Keep a Christian from entering the church sanctuary and you have not in the least bit hindered his worship.  We carry our sanctuary with us.  We never leave it.”  ~A.W. Tozer

We’re changing the way we “do church” at CUMC.  We can no longer meet in our sanctuary as a congregation.  We are practicing social distancing and wearing face masks in public.  The building may be closed but we have options… 

      • Every Sunday morning, we post an online pastoral prayer along with a timely and inspiring message. We post a new devotional every Thursday, and we’ve added amazing music for both Sundays and Thursdays.  So, if you prefer to worship at home, we have you covered.
      • If you’re ready to get out for a bit, carefully and cautiously, of course, we have a second option:  CHURCH IN THE PARKING LOT each Sunday morning at 10:30 am! Come and sit in the comfort of your car, A/C running if you like and turn on your radio. Ushers will tell you the correct FM frequency when you arrive. It will be a full service with message and music, complete with a bulletin for you to follow.

    Trust that you are on Holy ground because the Lord, your God is present.  We invite you to gather with loved ones and offer your heart and mind toward praising and seeking God. Through any of our worship experiences and devotions,  may each of us grow in becoming and helping others become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

 Lord’s Prayer Study

Every Thursday at 1:00 pm

Please join us for an in-depth discussion of The Lord’s Prayer.  A phrase by phrase look at the intent and purpose of the text that Jesus used to teach his own disciples about prayer.  This familiar prayer may have become so routine that we have lost any awe or reverence for its words.  Although it may be a regular part of church liturgy, was that its orignal intent?

Let’s talk about it!

We will gather once a week on Zoom for an hour every Thursday at 1:00 pm.  The study is ongoing and can be joined at any time.

No book required.  The text is readily at hand in several of the Gospel accounts.

For more info or to sign up, contact [email protected]


6200 Gibson Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

Phone: (505)255-1669
Email: [email protected]


Sunday School: 9:15 (Note: NOT MEETING)
Main Service: 10:30 (Church In the Parking Lot)