The Spot Student Ministry is the place on Sunday afternoons for middle and high school students to grow have a blast, and have their lives changed. We all have “spots” that make up our messed-up lives. The Spot is all about imperfect people having the chance to know a perfect God.

At The Spot, we believe everything can change when we spot Jesus in the middle of our mess and respond to him. This is how The Spot empowers the next generation.  “The Spot” is about coming as you are. If you’ve been in church every Sunday since your birth or if you’ve never stepped through the doors of a church in your life (or anywhere in between), The Spot is still your spot. 

See you at “The Spot” this Sunday, 3-5pm.

We’ve saved a spot for you.

Follow us on Instagram @thespotstudents for updates or check back here frequently for special occasions, events, and the occasional update about a week when The Spot will not meet.

Christ UMC Youth Ministry serves to help the Lord build strong Christian foundations in young people by presenting opportunities
for youth to be present and active in the life of the church, by creating safe spaces for young people to study and engage in Biblical scripture, and by empowering young people to proclaim their love of God to the community through action and word.

This is the last week of school. We have so many things planned for the summer, from movie bible studies to Isotopes and Cliff’s. Are you signed up for Youth week yet? What about YOUTH 2019?

Upcoming events
May 26—Grace Park Play Day from 2-6 pm, this will be a district event!
June 2—Does the Gospel Matter? Romans 1:1-1:17. Meet at 3; dinner at 4:30.
June 9—Why is the world so messed up? Romans 1:16-2:29. Meet at 3; dinner at 4:30 Starbucks Sunday during Sunday School
June 16—Father’s Day- No meeting
June 23—Just as if I had never sinned…really? Romans 3. Meet at 3; dinner at 4:30



Mark your calendar…

Stay tuned for more information about our Movie Mondays, June 10, 17, July 1, and July 8! This will be an opportunity to come together throughout the summer and watch movies at church and discuss future plans.

June 22—Goodwill fundraiser 9-2 More details to come!

June 24-28—YOUTH Week—There will be sign-up sheets this weekend to sign up for events throughout youth Monday—Scavenger Hunt/Trampoline Park- meet at the church at 1; Tuesday—Isotopes Game at 6:35; Bring $ for snacks if you want them. Wednesday—Serve at APS Clothing Bank and go to the movies! Meet at church at noon. Mrs. Jess will pay for the movie, you pay for snacks. Thursday—Serve at Storehouse and go for ice cream. Meet at the church at 2. Friday—Cliff’s. We will meet at the church at 2. Bring $ for snacks if you want them.

July 9-14- This year we are traveling to Kansas City for YOUTH 2019! This event is the national gathering for United Methodist Youth. There will be opportunities for discipleship, worship, Bible study, and service opportunities. Total cost will be approximately $600 per student which we will work hard to fundraise! Youth19 meeting at 2:00 on May 19 for parents and youth! This is important as we have paperwork that must be filled out!

July 22-25- Vacation Bible School 5:30-8pm, we could use student volunteers as we look to go “to Mars and Beyond!”