The Spot Student Ministry is the place on Sunday afternoons for middle and high school students to grow have a blast, and have their lives changed. We all have “spots” that make up our messed-up lives. The Spot is all about imperfect people having the chance to know a perfect God.

At The Spot, we believe everything can change when we spot Jesus in the middle of our mess and respond to him. This is how The Spot empowers the next generation.  “The Spot” is about coming as you are. If you’ve been in church every Sunday since your birth or if you’ve never stepped through the doors of a church in your life (or anywhere in between), The Spot is still your spot.

See you at “The Spot” this Sunday, 3-5pm.

We’ve saved a spot for you.

Follow us on Instagram @thespotstudents for updates or check back here frequently for special occasions, events, and the occasional update about a week when The Spot will not meet.

Christ UMC Youth Ministry serves to help the Lord build strong Christian foundations in young people by presenting opportunities
for youth to be present and active in the life of the church, by creating safe spaces for young people to study and engage in Biblical scripture, and by empowering young people to proclaim their love of God to the community through action and word.

Shade Tree Conversations

The Spot is back!!!The Spot recently met to discuss what is going on in our hearts and minds and I left the conversation feeling refreshed and excited about things to come in both our church and our community. We have had two opportunities for honest conversation about racism and diversity and the insight from everyone has been inspiring.  Since Covid, our not being able to gather as a church has been difficult for all of us, but with the death of George Floyd, I had felt an even greater need to be able to be in the presence of other believers.  Our first meeting was an excellent start and I look forward to where things continue to move. Will we be willing to sit at the table and hear the hard truths that we live in an unfair world? Will we commit to one another to help with moving forward? Will we acknowledge that there is great healing that needs to take place in our community? Will we commit to praying for our community? Our schools? Our students? We will continue our “If” conversations throughout the summer. 

This period will be known as our Shade Tree Conversations! I am
inviting our youth and all interested in attending our Shade Tree
Conversations to wear a mask, bring a chair and be ready for
some great conversation! What will this look like? We will
gather in a circle under the tree for prayer, scripture, and hearing
from one another. We will practice social distancing and my hope
is that in the sharing of our experiences we will learn from one
another and community will be built.


“Shade Tree Conversations”

schedule will be as follows:

Here is our schedule for the next few weeks:

Sunday, November 1—The Masks we wear. Meet from 3-4.

Sunday, November 8—The Prodigal. Meet from 3-4.

Friday, November 13—Movie Night at 7pm. Details to come!

Sunday, November 15—Let Us Pray. Meet from 3-4.

Sunday, November 22—Give Thanks, Meet from 3-4.

Sunday, November 29—No Meeting

Do not hesitate to contact Mrs Jess with any questions or concerns at 505-301-5070 or [email protected]



6200 Gibson Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

Phone: (505)255-1669
Email: [email protected]


Sunday School: 9:15 (Note: NOT MEETING)
Main Service: 10:30 (Church In the Parking Lot)