Fun Facts / Questions Pastor Dustin

1. Are you a cat or dog person? I am a dog person. I have a beagle, her name is Margaret Thatcher. She is 5 years old.
2. Do you have any hobbies? I am a model railroader specializing in HO scale. I am a member of the Rio Grande Valley Model Railroad club located at the New Mexico State Fair Grounds.
3. Red or Green? Green – but Red is good too.
4. Interesting places I’ve been: Beijing China, Prague Czech Republic, San Juan Costa Rica, and my favorite non American city. Budapest Hungary.
5. I’ve worked for the church for twelve years. Seven years as a lay employee, ie youth and children’s ministry. Five years as clergy.
6. Worst job: Meat Department at WalMart
7. I knew I was called to ministry as a sophomore in high school.
8. Favorite food: Green Chile Cheeseburger
9. I’ve had Chicken nuggets with Mike McCurry, President Clinton’s Press Secretary. He was the lay-leader of my seminary church, and we talked about the rebuilding of diplomatic relations with Eastern Europe.
10. I’m a Cold War history junkie.
11. Pet Peeve – people who don’t use their blinker.
12. I am a graduate of Elida High School, Elida NM, Eastern New Mexico University Portales NM, Wesley Theological Seminary Washington DC.