Good Medicine Way

Good Medicine Way is a weekly gathering honoring the Creator and his son Jesus in a Native American cultural context. Come to the west entrance of Christ United Methodist Church, 6200 Gibson Blvd. SE, Albuquerque, Mondays @ 6 p.m. for food, Native drumming, and singing. We read from the First Nations Version of the Bible, which was translated by Native followers of Jesus who phrased things according to a Native American worldview. After this we have a talking circle to let each person’s viewpoint be heard so we can get to know one another’s hearts.

About once a month, weather permitting, we will have prayer ceremonies around the fire pit in the back of the church. Those ceremonies will still begin inside at 6 with a meal and then move out back. As always, all are welcome.

Call/text 505-620-6837 for more information.

Upcoming Activity

Monday 19 August: Dedication ceremony for prayer fire pit.

Monday  23 September: Autumnal equinox prayer fire pit

Monday 14 October: Indigenous Peoples’ Day prayer fire pit

Monday 18 November: Thanksgiving prayer fire pit

Monday 16 December: Christmas prayer fire pit