Clothing Bank Update


We’ll be open for business again on March 17 from 3-6. We’ll need
volunteers to help set up
(1:00) and tear down (6:00) plus being there to assist our clients.

We’re looking forward to seeing friends from last month and new friends who come by!

Please contact:

Susan Ideus (255-1669)
or Ruth Tribou (281-4517) if you’d like to be a Clothing Bank Helper

Sorting Adventure


Loads of FUN!!!

We’re going to have a “sorting party” this Friday the 13th because we have new clothes and new racks to put them on. We’ll begin at 11:00 am and work till about 2:00 — pizza for lunch!

Shopping Tips:

Target has plastic hangers, 18 for $2.00- a better deal than the Dollar Store!

Big Lots has adult socks five pairs for $5, with children’s socks even less.

Dollar Tree has hangers, socks, hats, mittens for $1 each.

The Goodwill “Good Buys Store” at 1108 Juan Tabo NE sells every item of adult’s clothing for $1, and kid’s items for 49 cents. You can get a LOT of clothes for very little money! They are open Tuesday through Saturday, 11-6.

Specific Items Needed!

As we sort the items already received, we find there are specific categories lacking. Men’s clothing, we know, is in short supply. (c’mon guys — clean out those closets!!) Jackets and coats, given the time of year, are sorely needed—as are warm caps, gloves and mittens (hand knit or crocheted caps would be lovely!). And, although not clothing, we have many requests for blankets (sleeping bags are great too.) Gently used shoes and boots, belts and scarves are all welcome. Keep cleaning out all
your closets, and ask friends and family for donations, and consider some thrift store or yard sale shopping.